Earache Records artists Oceano are streaming their new full length Ascendants. Normally a full album stream would merit joyous tidings and rapturous bleetings from the staff here but if you pay close attention to the site you may still have missed my short and sharp (very sharp) review of this most dismal of records. If you desire breakdowns with very little else involved then head on over the jump and check it out.

Billboard (really?) have the exclusive stream of this oh so disappointing album. I already made my feelings pretty clear about this album in the review so I won’t double down on it. They probably don’t deserve that. This album would be perfect for background music in a bar fight or using a punch bag to let out all of your misplaced aggression towards the world. That’s about it. There are simply a lot more bands doing this kind of thing better out there.

Ascendants is out on March 24th.



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