Meek Is Murder

NY hardcore wizards Meek Is Murder are a power trio with The Red Chord alumni and the current Enabler drummer in their ranks. The band are set to release a double EP in just over a month and have broken radio silence to dish out the first teaser of new material. ‘Downward’ is the penultimate track on the first half of the double release and it is a proper banger. Just under two minutes of snarling hardcore await those who dare brave the jump.

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Debuted over at Alternative Press, ‘Downward’ is a quick summary of what to expect from Meek Is Murder for those not already acquainted with their sound. Molasses thick guitar tones and whiplash percussion arrangements are but two of the main ingredients that make up this tasty piece of hardcore heaven. Expect much more of this on Onward/Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky, due for release on May 5th through Rising Pulse Records.

Here’s the full tracklist for this double disc party waiting to explode your face;

01. Foreword
02. Inward
03. Upward
04. Outward
05. Downward
06. Onward Toward a Red Horizon

Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky
01. Private William Hudson (Dead Meat)
02. Ellen Ripley (Into the Sun)
03. Doctor Emmett Brown (Endless in our Fleeting)
04. Marty McFly (88 mph)
05. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Out of Gas)


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