Liturgy - The Ark Work

It’s really not hard to piss off a black metal fan, and no other band has done that in this decade quite like New York’s Liturgy. After the release of 2011’s Aesthethica, a string a particularly pretentious interviews and praise from a wide variety of music publications, the band was almost poised to end after several of their key members left the group. While they’ve been resting on their hype for at least a few years now, the band is now only one week away from releasing their third LP, The Ark Work, which is unquestionably their most experimental effort to date. To keep fans happy, the band decided to put up a full stream of the album on NPR yesterday, and things have definitely taken a turn for the weirder.

I guess there’s plenty of tremolo-picked guitars and some very quiet blast beats constantly driving many of the album’s songs, but can we even really call this black metal? Was Liturgy even trying to be a black metal band to begin with? The Ark Work is filled with a wide array of different instruments and musical styles, ranging from bagpipes to electronic doodly-bits to frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix doing what he labels as “occult-oriented rap.” Whatever the hell that means. Then again, this was the same dude who wrote a manifesto about making his own musical genre and wanted listeners to take the term “burst beat” seriously. But I digress. This is basically Liturgy straying away from sounding like Wolves in the Throne Room and them trying to become the next Kayo Dot. I can’t wait to see Anthony Fantano’s light to decent 10 for this album.

You can order the album on either CD or vinyl on and can stream the album here.




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