Uneven Structure - guitar overdub

In case you didn’t know, we’re super excited for Uneven Structure‘s sophomore followup to their critically acclaimed debut LP Februus. Check out our exclusive studio report for a bunch of information on that. Meanwhile, the band are still hard at work perfecting this album, which will likely be another masterpiece given the exclusive samples we’ve been lucky enough to hear. Need proof of how the new album can already be described as a masterpiece? Check the video after the jump!

Using a Strat to do overdubs? Hell yes. The band are also extremely becoming and have been nothing but kind to us, which makes us even more excited. We’re all ready to see the band absolutely explode and take the entire world by storm with their newest album, and if the samples are any indication, the album should be fantastic. In case you forgot how great their debut was, have a listen below. You can bet that as soon as they’re ready to give us a finished product, you’ll hear it from us.




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