Sannhet, in addition to their strange and genre-defying music, are known for their concerts. We recently uploaded some footage of a Sannhet show, shot by our very own Nick Cusworth (check it out here), and it truly is a spectacle. Now, they’ve decided to bring one of the tracks from their new album, Revisionist, to life on youtube with the same sort of bizarre and psychedelic bombast.


‘False Pass’ starts off with a gritty, grimy guitar riff, rough and distorted chords sinking into nothingness, and the video follows suit — waves of static play over a bluish backdrop, teasing the listener by holding whatever is there just out of focus. The music climbs and builds, and the video slowly becomes more and more intense, a visual catharsis to balance out the sonic harshness. The screen flickers; shapes spring into view and disappear just as quickly. It’s a bizarre, and entirely apt, take on a fantastic and otherworldly song.



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