Katatonia have always been one of my favorite bands but then they really broke the mold with Dethroned & Uncrowned. We recently learned that they planned to do that again by releasing a live DVD for their acoustic show at Union Chapel. It was promised to be emotional, well produced and a retrospective of the band’s career. In light of that last fact, it is no surprise then that the bad have chosen a track from Brave Murder Day, one of their most critically acclaimed albums, for initial release. Head on over the jump for the live version of ‘Day’.


This is simply amazing, to my ears. The live bass sound is pristine, the venue is gorgeous and Renkse is simply a master of his voice, emotions dripping with every word. Looking at the track list, I can’t wait to see the renditions for some of these earlier tracks, like ‘Tonight’s Music’ for example. While we wait, head on over here to pre-order this promising release. I think you won’t regret it.



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