If you don’t know who Psycroptic are, please tell me what you’ve been doing with your life up until now. Their last album was a marvel to behold, cementing an already successful career as tech death masters. They’ve been continuously teasing us for this upcoming, self titled album, since late last year. And now, finally, the band have deemed the time fit to unleash this beast upon us. Beneath the amazing Ouroboros lies a furious album, delivering so many riffs that…well, hear for yourself below the jump!

Good god, this album goes hard. The vocals have never sounded better to my ears and the sheer amounts of hooks on this thing make it into one giant, unstoppable anthem fest. Favorites of mine are ‘Echoes to Come’ and ‘Ideals That Won’t Surrender’, with their insanely powerful choruses. Long story short, you owe this album to yourself. Go listen to it and then head over here to order it.



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