Psycroptic - The World Discarded

In a few short months, we will have a brand new album from Psycroptic. That thought alone should be enough to get you through the grueling first months of this new year. If you simply cannot wait until then to hear new music from Tasmania’s greatest export, you’re in luck! The lyric video for their new track, ‘The World Discarded’, is available for streaming after the jump.


Once again, the band releases an incredibly solid track that only reinforces how great of a year 2015 is going to be for metal. The track may not deviate from what the band usually does, but with how good they are at that, I hardly mind. I’m glad this song got a lyric video, too. As boring as some lyric videos are, this one actually had me following along with the words instead of listening to the track while I browsed in another tab. On top of all this, we get to look at the captivating album art for the duration of the track. Two months is a painful wait, but for this album, it’s worthwhile.


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