It is no secret I am an enormous fan of Aminals. The Massachusetts raconteurs entered our ear holes with last years terrific Dead Air before releasing an excellent video for my own favourite track from the album, ‘Dirty Habits’. Their unpredictable songs and barrage of riffs, licks and hooks is addictive as hell; I can’t stop listening to this mother. We now, to share with you, an animated video for the albums first real track, ‘Bitchcraft’. Catch this cartoon caper after the jump.


At just over a minute and a half long, the song and video both manage to cram in more twists and turns than a M. Night movie. Earlier today I spoke to Ilya, responsible for the guitars and Scotch drinking in Aminals. He shed some light on the ideas behind the video and what the damn thing is actually about:

“We always wanted to have an animated video but it’s a concept that can easily become too “cheesy”. I came across the talented Crystal Araiza’s artwork and and it was the most unique work I’d seen in a while. We got together to discuss concepts and ‘Bitchcraft’ just seemed like a natural fit with her style. The video is about this little gremlin who we come across that can generate these little flowers from its body. After multiple attempts of trying to present and “shower” us with these flowers, it grows tired of our rejection. It then turns into a monster and decapitates us. Ya know, simple basic stuff.”

Grab Dead Air here so Aminals can keep making music and music videos. It is the sane thing to do.



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