The last time I got to write about my favorite debut album of 2014 I was explaining to you why you needed to listen to the debonaire gentlemen who go by the name Aminals. Their energy and unique approach to chaotic metal keeps me going back to Dead Air every day since it released last month. The band have since released a pretty hilarious music video for one of the standout tracks on the album in ‘Dirty Habits’. Check the video, as always, after the jump.


The video features no actual nudity or violence but is probably still NSFW. Dudes gyrating in hot pants and females getting acquainted with their own mammary glands could get the office Internet police on your case so be warned. The general debauchery and raconteur behavior on display suits the song perfectly, with many popular ‘Dirty Habits’ exhibited. The play on words in the song title took me until now to understand so give yourself a hand if you click first time.

You can purchase Dead Air here and you should because independent bands like this deserve it. More please.


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