This past weekend, Swedish death metalers Soilwork dropped their second teaser video for their upcoming CD/DVD release, Live In The Heart Of Helsinki, set to be released March 13, March 16, and April 7 in Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America, respectively, via Nuclear Blast. Have a peek after the jump!


As indicated its title, this DVD will feature footage from Soilwork’s Helsinki performance at Circus Club on March 21, 2014. While primarily comprised of live footage, the second teaser video also features brief glimpses of in-studio sessions, as well as general tom-foolery, eluding to much behind-the-scenes coverage to be had.

A Facebook retoast of the original teaser video was accompanied by a quote from vocalist Björn Strid, stating the following:

“There could’ve not been a better time than now, with 10 albums out and a very varied back catalogue to choose from. Our line up now is 50 % original members and 50 % fresh blood, which makes it all more interesting. Especially since the newest members have brought so much to our sound and have continued to inspire us to write new and exciting music and also brought a new found energy on stage. Now is definitely the time to see us. Trust me.”

Considering Soilwork’s touring schedule is currently on the skimpier side, Live In The Heart Of Helsinki comes as the perfect opportunity for fans who have not had the pleasure of seeing this band live to see what all the fuss is about, and is a must-have for all die-hards. Check out this link to preorder your copy now!


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