It’s something that happens to everyone. As unfortunate as it is, eventually we all, at some point, realize there just isn’t enough groovy progressive metal in our lives. And fortunately, to combat this scourge, Drewsif Stalin released a new song on Thursday under his project, Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors. After already releasing a killer track a few days ago, expectations are set high for the rest of the album. Head on over the jump to see how the second track compares!

DSME is a djenty, grooving, heavy-yet-light, dynamic project, and this new song, ‘Seldom’, holds true to this sound. With rhythmic and chunky riffs combined with fantastic vocals and an extremely catchy chorus, this new song hits it out of the ballpark in typical Drewsif Stalin style.  The song, according to its YouTube description, is very personal to Drewsif, and it certainly shows in its melodies and dynamics.



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