Devin Townsend By Your Comman Playthrough

Our benevolent overlord Devin Townsend has done a playthrough of the Ziltoid the Omniscient track with redone/remixed guitars and drums and It’s pretty awesome to hear it updated a little bit sound wise. The only problem is that the video is slightly out of sync with the audio. It’s still worth watching, regardless of the issue. Make sure to check it out after the jump.


The updated mix is really nice and it makes me wonder if Devin would ever update the mix when the album hits a certain anniversary. Probably not, but one can dream, right? It’s still perfect. The playthrough is incredibly nice as well. It feels very special, especially when you watch it and Devin is mouthing the Ziltoid dialogue as he’s playing. Very nice little thing that adds to the charm of everything that Devin does.



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