While he may be known best for his heavy and often viral covers of pop songs, Baltimore’s Drewsif Stalin has been slowly but surely cooking up a new LP entitled …Comes To An End, whose release date has yet to be revealed. After the release of the group’s awesome music video for “Nightfall,” Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors are back with a re-recording of “Collapse,” which has much stronger production values and vocal performances. Check it out below:


All of the classic traits of the group’s sound are certainly in full force here, but with an even bigger mix and some of Drew’s most dynamic and confident vocals yet. Whether it’s soaring/melodic cleans or syncopated death metal growling, it’s pretty damn impressive. Pair that together with constant grooves and some occasional shredding, sit back, and enjoy. I really hope that the new record isn’t delayed any further!




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