Algorithm Will Smiths

French electronic wizard Rémi Gallego (The Algorithm, to you and I) played to a huge crowd at last years Euroblast Festival where, to the benefit of those not in attendance, some fancy cameras caught his performance of ‘will_smith’. The end result is potentially one of the funniest and creepiest performance videos this writer has ever seen. See what I mean after the jump!


Playing to a crowd of people adorned with the face of the Freshest of Princes must have been a complete trip. There are fewer real faces in the crowd than Will Smiths! I can only go by this video and tales from friends who were there but this is a show I am gutted I missed. ‘will_smith’ is one of the liveliest tracks on OCTOPUS4 and when that riff hits half way through, I would have been mosh raving like no other. It is hard not to enjoy music as unique and playful as this. If you don’t dig it you probably have some deep rooted issues you should get seen to.


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