Volumes and Struc/tures are two bands that polarize the staff, and by polarize I mean there’s only two or three people who enjoy them here. It’s not that their music is bad (although, given our review of Struc/tures’ last album, that could be debated) but that they are a bit too derivative and indistinguishable from the rest of their djenty herd. At their worst they’re akin to a poor man’s Meshuggah, if you will. Now lately, I’ve found I’ve had a hard time falling to sleep, and it’s largely due to working full-time and taking 15 credits in my final college semester. But lucky for me the bands are teaming up to release a split album titled Vol/tures, which means I’ll finally get back to sleeping again, because to me it sounds like snooze-central. Check it below.

As one staff member put it, “Vol/tures because they are stripping the dead horse of djent dry”. Basically, it’s going to be tons of 0000000s, tons of chugs, and tons of attempted and failed polyrythyms. Of course there are plenty of people who dig all of this and, like, that’s cool and all. More power to you, and you’ll be stoked, I guess. The album comes out sometime this year on Sumerian Records, and you can bet we’ll be reviewing it.


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