Entheos Chaney Crabb

Entheos have been talked about more than any other band this year thus far, and will likely remain in the loop until their EP sees the light of day come March. Comprised of three core members of the legendary Animosity, the band made waves from the second they announced they had formed. Without missing a beat, the band have continued to give us updates of bass, drums, and guitars for the album, with the small previews generating tons of hype. However, they had yet to preview any vocals, until now. Check them out after the jump!

After her audition for Veil Of Maya went viral at the tail end of last year, everyone wondered where she would end up, and now that she’s in Entheos, I think we’re all excited. She has tons of range and super solid sustain in her vocals, which is really awesome to hear, because it just means the final product will be fantastic. We’ll keep you posted with more news as we get it, and new music as well!


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