Neither Anneke van Giersbergen nor Arjen Anthony Lucassen need any introduction and besides, we’ve already told you this album was coming. Long story short, the two Dutch masterminds have joined forces to bring us a double album: one will be a ‘stormy’ version, filled with epicness and more metallic sounds, while the ‘gentle’ version will focus more around van Giersbergen and her powerful voice. I was pretty skeptical of the idea and now we can test it for ourselves as the two have released a lyric video for ‘Endless Sea’, the first single off the album. Head on after the jump!



While the basic track sounds good, I must say I’m not sold on the idea of the two versions. I didn’t find the ‘gentle’ version to be distinct enough to merit its own existence but who knows, perhaps other tracks on the album are more justified. Regardless, van Giersbergen sounds as amazing as other and the maverick Ayreon’s hand can be heard all over this. As always with an Ayreon release, I am expectant and a bit worried about the end result. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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