arch-bassImagine you’re a bassist for one of North America’s premier tech death bands but you choose your education and the rest of your life over staying tech? It’s a decision that’s creating an opportunity for other people after the jump.

Bass phenom Clayton Harder says it’s time to get on with his schooling so Vancouver, Canada-based Archspire is in the market for a new member.

“We are looking for a new, permanent full-time bass player,” guitarist Dean Lamb tells Heavy Blog is Heavy. “We need someone who can play the material, help us compose new material, and can adjust to our touring schedule, 2015 looks to be pretty busy already.”

Before you say, “Hey, I play the bass”, pay attention to what Dean just said, “someone who can play the material.”

To find out if that’s you, check out the tabs the band has posted for the song “Deathless Ringing.”

If you can pull that off, here’s what to do next. Shoot a video showing the world that you have the chops to play with Archspire and then e-mail the link along with a brief description of yourself and a resume to [email protected].

“Ideally we are trying to find a person that is either local to us (Vancouver, BC Canada) or willing to move into the area to fit our practice schedule.”

Clayton Harder fans have one last change to ooh and aah at his live performance on the band’s upcoming March tour with Fallujah and The Zenith Passage. After that it might be you representing tech for Archspire.



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