Not to sound like a nitpicker, but the new video from The Agonist has no gates of either horn, ivory, or a combination of the two. In fact, some might even say there are a complete lack of gates all together. Unless you want to include the rare appearance of a door, which can certainly be considered a “gate” of sorts.

Regardless, The Agonist are bringing you a brand new music video of “At the Gates of Horn and Ivory,” from the upcoming album Eye of Providence. This new record will feature new vocalist Vicky Psarakis, having replaced Alissa White-Gluz last year when the former The Agonist frontwoman left to join Arch Enemy to replace Angela Gossow who would be taking a managerial role with the band. Phew.


The video stands a bit clever, having the band get frustrated over and over again with an overbearing director, but it’s the song itself that really undersells both Vicky as a vocalist and the band itself. There’s nothing that really shouts that this song is anything new or exciting for The Agonist. Usually the riffing is a bit more progressive, but it seems to be withheld a great deal on this track. Having not listened to the album yet, there’s no telling if Eye of Providence has more to offer.

Rest assured, we’ll have a full review in the near future.



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