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In response to grumblings regarding a less-than-smooth online shopping experience for fans looking to snag up some vinyl in a recent re-release, Protest The Hero have extended a peace offering towards collectors and enthusiasts in the form of a pre-order for additional re-pressings of each of their studio albums. The first batch of highly sought-after repressings, which were limited to three hundred per album, sold out in under an hour, leaving slow-to-the-draw fans disappointed and thirsty. In fact, even many of those on the ball were left feeling frustrated. The limited availability of these elusive albums resulted in a slew of keeners overloading the Kill the 8 merch site, making it difficult for even the most conscientious collectors to procure these puppies. Head on over the jump for more on this!

The band has addressed the issue, acknowledging that any feelings of frustration are warranted. A detailed explanation included on the second repressing preorder page chalks up the initial limited availability to a mix of financial concerns (Protest are no longer backed by a label that fronts production costs – or any label at all, for that matter!) and modesty (Canadians, amirite).

The second batch of repressings will feature identical gatefold packaging, but different coloured vinyl so as to not compromise the value of the first round of repressings. Numbers for round two will be restricted only by the amount of preorders, meaning you have a whole week to secure your purchase. Check out the link below to to claim yours now!

Go here for all your Protest vinyl needs.



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