AversionsCrown Avalanche

For the unaware, Aversions Crown is a punishingly heavy Australian deathcore band with a theme similar to Rings of Saturn– ‘brutal alien invasion’. Their music conveys this theme well, with dissonant chord progressions over chugs, crushing breakdowns, and guttural vocals that sound like a terrifying extraterrestrial invader.


Hot on the heels of their album release in late November of last year, they just finished up a tour with Molotov Solution and are embarking on a European tour in the coming weeks. Their label, Metal Blade, has released a new music video to go along with this series of shows.

This video, for the song ‘Avalanche’ off of their new album, Tyrant, is live footage from a show they played on their tour with Molotov Solution. It’s nothing special to see this video, but take this as a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the enrapturing style of this band: 8-string chugs, destructive breakdowns, and great riffs are found throughout the album, and this standout track highlights it perfectly.

Their tour starts on the 16th of January in Wolfsburg, Germany, and meanders around western Europe to end back in Germany, at the Keller Club in Weinheim.



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