Oath (not to be confused with lady-led The Oath) have just been announced for the third day on this year’s New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, alongside bands like Allegaeon, The Agonist, and Rivers of Nihil.

With that in mind, they also released a music video for their new track “Sorrow Society,” a song about being inundated with violence these days.

“We wrote this song about how when you turn on the TV, or open up a newspaper in America, you’re constantly subjected to a barrage of violence, plague, war, death, and hatred. This is shoved down our throats throughout the media every single day by the people that the public seem to idolize. However, no one is satisfied until they’re able to spew their own opinions on the matter, which ultimately just creates a chain reaction of more conflict and judgement.”


From a relatively unknown act, the thrash influences are quite obvious and fun, but the subtle power metal stylings are charming, to say the least.

To keep up with the band, check out their Facebook page!



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