East of the Wall - Cryptodira FRONT COVER

Right before we went on holiday break, we proudly premiered a track from Cryptodira off of their upcoming split release with New Jersey progressive metal veterans East of the Wall. Now, courtesy of Vice, you can now hear East of the Wall’s side of the split. Rather than an entirely new track though, EotW decided to go with an interesting choice for a cover, choosing the melancholy acoustic folk track ‘River Man’ from 60s/70s singer/songwriter Nick Drake. Do yourself a favor and head past the jump to listen.


In classic East of the Wall fashion, the track is stuffed with haunting vocal hooks and pretty things while completely deconstructing the original structure and feel of the original track. It’s gorgeous, but still technically-thrilling and unpredictable. Pretty much everything we’ve come to expect from the band and more while doing justice to an already wonderful song.

The Cryptodira/East of the Wall split will be out via Epistemic Records (their first release!), and you can pre-order it here.

Watch East of the Wall perform ‘Obfuscator Dye’ live.




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