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I’m sure we all know who Babymetal are at this point. Well, they’ve put out a rather lengthy teaser for their upcoming single “Road of Resistance” featuring Dragonforce guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman, and they’ve announced  live DVD and teased an upcoming world tour. Check it all out after the jump.


The song is in the video above, and it sounds awesome! It’s a great mix of Dragonforce’s sound on their latest album Maximum Overload and Babymetal’s style. A release date for the single has not been announced yet. Despite that, there’s a live video taken by fans with pretty good audio that you can watch here:


They’ve also announced a live album titled LIVE AT BUDOKAN ~RED NIGHT~ and DVD/BD containing two full sets including the aforementioned album and another set titled LIVE AT BUDOKAN ~RED NIGHT & BLACK NIGHT APOCALYPSE~. They can be obtained digitally on iTunes worldwide on the 7th of January, and physically available for import in various editions here and here.

The video also teases something called “Metal Resistance Episode 3”, which is probably a world tour as their previous world tour was called “Metal Resistance Episode 2”, but no dates have been announced yet.

Oh, by the way, the setlists for the album and DVD are (only the first one for the album, both for the DVD):

2014.03.01 at Nippon Budokan
2.Doki Doki☆Morning
3.Gimme Chocolate!!
5.Catch Me If You Can
6.Uki Uki★Midnight
7.Rondo of Nightmare
8.Onedari Daisakusen
9.Song 4
11.Babymetal Death
12.Head Bangya!!
13.Ijime Dame Zettai

2014.03.02 at Nippon Budokan
1.Babymetal Death
3.Kimi to Anime Ga Mitai~Answer for Animation With You
4.Onedari Daisakusen
5.Song 4
6.No Rain, No Rainbow
8.Catch Me If You Can
9. Uki Uki★ Midnight
10.Gimme Chocolate!!
11.Rondo of Nightmare
13.Ijime Dame Zettai
14.Doki Doki☆Morning
15.Head Bangya!!

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