Ne Obliviscaris Edges Out Fallujah in 2014 Heavy Blog is Heavy Reader’s Poll

All this week we’ve been posting the results of our staff poll of the best releases of 2014. Find out your choices for Album of the Year and an

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All this week we’ve been posting the results of our staff poll of the best releases of 2014. Find out your choices for Album of the Year and an aggregated Top 25 of Reader choices after the jump.

It’s the time of year when everyone, including us here at Heavy Blog is Heavy, has been telling you what we think were the best albums of 2014. But really, who cares what the so-called experts think, what matters is what you, the readers enjoyed the most in this very good year for heavy music. So we asked you to fill out a Top 25 form choosing your favorites. We received more than 350 total votes and here are the results in two sections.

(Thanks to Sandy McCall for the pivot-table wizardry that made this all possible)

2014 Heavy Blog is Heavy Readers Poll Album of the Year

Here’s how you voted for the #1 album of 2014:
(Place, Votes, Band, Album Name)

1.    42 votes   Ne ObliviscarisCitadel
2.    40 votes  FallujahThe Flesh Prevails
3.    34 votes  ArchspireThe Lucid Collective
4.    17 votes  The ContortionistLanguage
5.    12 votes  Son of AureliusUnder the Western Sun
6.      9 votes  Animals as LeadersThe Joy of Motion
T7.   8 votes  Beyond CreationEarthborn Evolution
T7.   8 votes  SkyharborGuiding Lights
T9.   7 votes  BehemothThe Satanist
T9.   7 votes  Inferi The Path of Apotheosis
T11.  6 votes Black Crown Initiate The Wreckage Of Stars
T11.  6 votes DestrageAre You Kidding Me? No
T13.  5 votes Mastodon Once More ‘Round the Sun
T13.  5 votes Rings of Saturn Lugal Ki En
T15.  4 votes Acrania Totalitarian Dystopia
T15.  4 votes ArchitectsLost Forever // Lost Together
T15.  4 votes CynicKindly Bent to Free Us
T15.  4 votes Intervals – A Voice Within
T15.  4 votes RevocationDeathless

(see the bottom of this post for the complete list of all records receiving three votes or fewer)

2014 Heavy Blog is Heavy Readers Poll Aggregate Top 25 List
(We took all of your votes, scored them, added them together and these were the Top 25 vote-geters)

1. Ne ObliviscarisCitadel
2. FallujahThe Flesh Prevails
3. ArchspireThe Lucid Collective
4. Beyond CreationEarthborn Evolution
5. Animals as LeadersThe Joy of Motion
6. The Contortionist Language
7. BehemothThe Satanist
8. Job for a CowboySun Eater
9. Black Crown InitiateThe Wreckage Of Stars
10. Devin Townsend Project Z2
11. Rings of SaturnLugal Ki En
12. SkyharborGuiding Lights
13. IntervalsA Voice Within
14. MonumentsThe Amaneunsis
15. Son of AureliusUnder the Western Sun
16. AllegaeonElements of the Infinite
17. At The GatesAt War with Reality
18. RevocationDeathless
19. InferiThe Path of Apotheosis
20. InsomniumShadows Of The Dying Sun
21. MastodonOnce More ‘Round the Sun
22. OpethPale Communion
23. Machine Head Bloodstone & Diamonds
24. AbortedThe Necrotic Manifesto
25. Agalloch The Serpent & The Sphere

Other records receiving Heavy Blog is Heavy Readers Album of the Year Votes:

Records receiving three votes each:

Artificial Brain Labyrinth Constellation
Devin Townsend ProjectZ2
Every Time I DieFrom Parts Unknown
Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun
Into Infernus – The End of Eden
Monuments – The Amanuensis
Opeth – Pale Communion
Sólstafir – Ótta
Wings Denied – Mirrors For a Prince

Records receiving two votes each.

Aversions Crown Tyrant
Cannibal CorpseA Skeletal Domain
casualties of coolcasualties of cool
Machine HeadBloodstone & Diamonds
PanopticonRoads to the North
Raunchy Vices, Virtues, Visions
Septic FleshTitan
ThantifaxathSacred White Noise
Triptykon – Melana Chasmata
Woods of DesolationAs The Stars
Xerath iii
YOBClearing the Path to Ascend

Records receiving one vote each.

Aeon of HoursExistence
AgallochThe Serpent and the Sphere
AllegaeonElements of the Infinite
Allen/LandeThe Great Divide
Alterbeast Immortal
At The GatesAt War With Reality
Baring TeethGhost Chorus Among Old Ruins
Being As An OceanHow We Both Wondrously Perish
Clément BelioContrast
Crosses- Crosses
Cult Leader

Nothing For Us Here

Dark FortressVenereal Dawn
Dead CongregationPromulgation of the Fall
Death GripsNiggas on the moon
EpicaThe Quantum Enigma
Eye of the EnemyThe Vengeance Paradox
Fear, and Loathing in Las VegasPhase 2
Floor Oblation
Godsmack 1000HP
Hadal Maw Senium
Hail Spirit Noir Oi Magoi
HakenRestoration EP
HorsebackPiedmont Apocrypha
I Killed the Prom QueenBeloved
Job for a Cowboy Sun Eater
Kenn NardiDancing With The Past
Lies of Nazca Aleph
Misery Index The Killing Gods
Nero di MarteDerivae
NightbringerEgo Dominus Tuus
Nux VomicaNux Vomica
Old Man Gloom The Ape of God
Orange GoblinBack From The Abyss
PallbearerFoundations of Burden
PanteraFar Beyond Driven (RE-ISSUE)
Psalm ZeroThe Drain
Scar SymmetryThe Singularity Phase I: Neohumanity
Scott Walker /w Sunn O))) – Soused
Slipknot .5: the Gray Chapter
SoreptionEngineering the Void
Space VacationCosmic Vanguard
Stimpy Lockjaw Stimpy Lockjaw
1Sun WorshipElder Giants
SwansTo Be Kind
The Acacia StrainComa Witch
The Misanthrope Supersession
The OrwellsDisgraceland
Thou Heathen
Torrential DownpourTruth Knowledge Vision
Trap ThemBlissfucker
VulvodyniaCognizant Castigation
WarforgedEssence of the Land
WhisperedShogunate Macabre
Wolcott FallsOur Nuclear Option

We hope out of all of these lists that you will discover music that will make you look back on 2014 with very heavy fondness.


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