With the advent of Z2 in each of its halves—Sky Blue and Dark MattersThe Devin Townsend Project rocket ever forward onto huge, musical things. We can all admit that Devin Townsend is an unstoppable force in our world, but with Inside Out Music and Century Media in his corner, his power is immense. Much like Ziltoid, honestly.

That said, we are now blessed with a music video for Dark Matters‘ “March of the Poozers,” the part of the new Ziltoid tale where the Poozers rally together and invade Earth under the guide of the now-upset Queen Blattaria. But you know, maybe listen to the album to get the whole story. Please enjoy and be terrified by the lyric video. And I even made you some wallpapers!


Wallpaper 1
Wallpaper 2
Wallpaper 3


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