There’s no denying that 2014 has been an absolutely fantastic year for metal. The year-end list mania is about to begin, and one album that’s bound to sit high up on plenty of lists is Triptykon‘s Melana Chasmata, which we raved about earlier this year. The band has released a video for the album’s opening track, “Tree of Suffocating Souls”, and it’s great. Take a peek after the jump.


This song is a great opener for the masterpiece that is Melana Chasmata, and it’s cool to see the band performing it in this video. Most performance music videos are kinda boring, but Triptykon made this video a little more “artsy” with the lighting and the camera angles, which makes for a more interesting viewing. Triptykon frontman Tom G. Warrior comments about the video:

“In producing this footage, we have elected to once again work in partnership with long-standing Triptykon collaborator and director, Philipp Hirsch, in Leipzig, Germany. As intensely minimalist as Triptykon’s approach and music are, as perfect and passionate was Philipp in creating images which combine such minimalism with the required darkness. The night during which most of these images were created was, for many reasons, a truly extraordinary night none of us shall ever forget.”

Triptykon are set to begin a trek through Europe at the beginning of next month alongside Morbus Chron and At the Gates. While this doesn’t really benefit those of us in the states, you Europeans would be remiss to miss out on this tour. Get dates here. And if you haven’t heard Melana Chasmata, go buy it and listen to it! It very well could be a latecomer to your own year-end list.

– AL

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