German black metal horde Ascension, who are one of the most underrated acts in the genre today, have partnered with No Clean Singing to premier a new song called ‘Black Ember’ off their upcoming sophomore album The Dead of The World, due out December 24th. Head on over the jump for the stream!

No Clean Singing are our brothers so it fills use with pride that they have this stream. Ascension is also a blog favorite as their previous EP, Deathless Light, was some of the best black metal in years, and really showed that the genre can blend modern production and sound with classic songwriting and aesthetics. ‘Black Ember’ is no different, yet still holds a few surprises. If this song is any indication, the rest of the album should be fantastic. If you’re a fan of black metal, be sure to keep a spot on your year end list open for The Dead of The World.



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