full of hell merzbow
When it was announced earlier this year that hardcore/noise mentalists Full of Hell and harsh-everything engineer Merzbow would be collaborating, my stereo system took itself out back and committed suicide. Now, we can finally get our hands on what is by far one of the most unique releases of the year. Head on over the jump for the stream and what is left of my ears.

Our friends over at Pitchfork, ever on the cutting edge of new music and streaming technology, have the full stream. Let me tell you, this album is terrific. From the very first second, everything just explodes around you. It’s strange to say that the production is good on an album like this, which has purposefully set out to burn all traces of anything clean, but the production is amazing. The sheer amount of texture on this is mind boggling.

The collaboration sees release on November 25th via Profound Lore records. We love Profound Lore.


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