The build up towards Bloodbath‘s return has been gathering power these last few months. It’s no wonder, seeing as they are one of the most celebrated acts in death metal history. Not only that but a lineup change always adds more wood to the fires of expectation, as fans and critiques alike prepare to judge the new addition or change to the band’s sound. Lineup changes are especially potent when they add on a familiar name and this one is no different: Nick Holms is definitely no stranger. With two tracks behind us, resulting in mixed reactions, we look now to the latest release, ‘Church of Vatistas’ to either confirm our fears or assuage them. Head on over the jump to see which is which.


As far as I’m concerned, this definitely confirms our fears. This track just doesn’t lift off anywhere. While I get the direction it’s aiming at, more doom than death metal, and that direction is something I like, I simply forgot the track a second after it was over. This is no small part due to Holms’s frankly lacking performance but also to the instrumentation behind it. We once again remind you that judging a whole album on even three tracks is a bit risky but this definitely doesn’t bode well.

Grand Morbid Funeral sees release tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th of November. We’ll know soon.


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