The recent return of Dan Tompkins to the vocalist spot of TesseracT was a bit of a mixed blessing for us here at Heavy Blog. We adore Tompkins but were also very fond of Ashe O’Hara and the brilliant work he did on Altered State, the band’s sophomore effort. However, it’s safe to say that these doubts were erased by the few live songs we got to hear a few months ago. Now, the band have announced they will be gathering tracks from their current tour, coupled with a recording of their hometown shown later this year, and compiling them into a live album/DVD. Check out the full release below!

This is a very special moment in the career of TesseracT, we have in essence gone full circle with the return of Daniel Tompkins as our vocalist. There is an enthusiasm and energy amongst the band that we wished to capture for CD and DVD. So, we have been recording as many shows as possible on this tour in the hopes of producing a very best of live CD. Where we take one song from one show, say Nocturne in Rome, and maybe April from this year’s headline set at Euroblast. It’s very challenging both artistically and technically, but if any band can pull it off at this level, TesseracT can. If you’re at a show on this tour, and you’re singing along, you may well end up on the album! Alongside this we have planned to film our hometown show at Scala in London. This show has been sold out for months now, so we know it’ll be intense. It will feature a light show run by our good friend Conor Vennard, with whom we have been working with for 2 years now. The show will be filmed by Sitcom Soldiers, who produced our last promotional video for ‘Nocturne’. We are very happy to be working with Sitcom Soldiers again as they have the same enthusiasm for high quality as we do. And finally the audio for the whole project has been handled by 4D Sounds, meaning we should end up with a studio quality recording from a live scenario.

This is very, very exciting. I, for one, can’t wait to hear the spin that Tompkins will give the Altered State songs and how he performs live with the earlier tracks from One. As the band are said to be recording, their choices of tracks to include this could hint at the future of their next release. Stay tuned as more details unveil and perhaps even a taste from the album itself.



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