TesseracT Sonisphere 2014

It has been a very short time since we found out that Ashe O’Hara parted ways with TesseracT, and that the band had regained Dan Tompkins. Now, we have live footage of the band playing a prime cut off  their debut album, One. If you think your heart won’t explode from excitement upon viewing the video, check it out after the jump.


It really is a beautiful sight to behold. Ashe was a wonderful frontman who could definitely hold his own, but there’s just something special about seeing Dan with the band again. I wish we were able to see one of the first songs they performed, though. I would have loved to have been in that moment where they just kicked off the third major incarnation of the band. I’m not entirely sure what LP three will hold, but I’m hoping they at least utilize those wonderful screams he’s so great at. Even though they said they were moving away from the harsher vocals, one can dream, right?



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