Obituary - Inked in Blood

If you like your death metal old-school, raw, and full of groove, then boy, do I have some good news for you. The new album from Florida death metal legends, Obituary, is now streaming in full, courtesy of Loudwire. Check it out after the jump!

Here’s the Loudwire link. As I said, old-school death metal enthusiasts are sure to eat this album up, but that’s not to say Inked In Blood appeals only to hairy dudes in their late 30’s. No, in spite of this album being the band’s first in five years, Obituary have remained surprising relevant and consistent throughout their career, and, much like fellow pioneers Cannibal Corpse, they are still releasing death metal that vividly reminds metalheads where their beloved music came from, even if it doesn’t do much to push the genre forward. Count Inked in Blood as a solid effort from a band without whom death metal likely wouldn’t exist as it does today.

Inked In Blood comes out next Tuesday, Oct. 28, via Relapse Records.


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