I was pretty upset when Behemoth frontman Nergal recently said that they might stop doing music if they don’t feel they will have anything to say anymore. Well, thankfully they still feel like they do, and they’re putting out a new EP. Check the teaser and details out after the jump, it sounds delicious.


The EP, titled XIĄDZ, will come in 12″ vinyl limited to 2000 copies, in 3 colors – going along with Behemoth’s recent visual style, they will be in black, gold and a combination of both – and will be hand numbered. It will consist of 3 tracks, the title track which is an unreleased track recorded originally for their recent masterpiece The Satanist, one called “Towards the Dying Sun We March” from the Evangelion sessions, and a rerecording of their classic “Moonspell Rites”. The teaser sounds great, so I’m definitely excited for more Behemoth. Please don’t stop Nergal!


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