Kayo Dot - Coffins On Io

With all the utterly fantastic music from this year that has surprised me, I really was not even thinking about dark prog experimenters Kayo Dot swooping in with a late-year stunner, particularly after having just released another impressive album, Hubardo, last year. After hearing the murky synth fuzz and silky smooth (and downright gorgeous) vocals of ‘The Mortality of Doves’ last week though, I prepared my body thusly for the whole thing. Well, the day has come, and Noisey has a stream of Toby Driver and co’s latest offering, Coffins On Io. Either follow the link or hit the jump to listen to the entire thing RIGHT NOW.


We’ll have a full writeup of this soon, but needless to say, Kayo Dot continue to surprise with every single release they put out. Predicting what they’ll do next musically is nigh impossible, but it’s always absolutely fascinating to hear what’s going on in Toby Driver’s head. The fluid grooves (and clean, hypnotic vocals) flowing throughout are in very stark contrast to the harsh angular tones of Hubardo. I’ll definitely be jamming to this for a while and wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it managed to sneak a spot into my AOTY list in December. What do you all think?

Coffins On Io is out October 16 via The Flenser.


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