When it comes to previewing Mass & Volume, the new EP from grindcore darlings Pig Destroyer, being familiar with the band is not remotely a prerequisite. For in the vein of previous EP Natasha, the provided results are hardly indicative of what the band truly sounds like. Pig Destroyer have instead utilized the EP option as an opportunity to express themselves in a vastly different manner than on their LPs, opting for the droning epitaphs of doom rather than than the eviscerating blasts of grind. Check out the stream, after the jump!

Natasha‘s follow-up, Mass & Volume, was recorded during the Phantom Limb sessions, and is now available for public viewing right here. Anyone with a set of functioning ears can decipher the clear contrast in sounds between this EP and the band’s usual offerings. It does, however, speak volumes when a band can successfully execute two different styles, especially when they are, quite literally, antithetical. Take a listen to Mass & Volume, and if inclined, pre-order the album right here.


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