Devin Townsend Project - Deathray

Okay, technically it’s the Poozer’s deathray, but let’s not nitpick because we have the first track to premiere from the ever so anticipated Z2! The track premiered yesterday through Metal Hammer and puts the listener right smack dab in the middle of the story of Dark Matters (Check out our glowing review of that here) which may leave you confused until you hear the whole album. At least you have a great song to hold you over until then! Prepare to be blasted after the jump.


This was an interesting track to lead off the set of singles released from Z2 (The next track will be the very first song off of Sky Blue), but I think it makes sense in that it introduces the idea that this album is a musical to the listener. This isn’t just Devin making a string of songs that seem to link up through a hilarious narrative, this is Devin making an album that is a complete experience through and through, with recurring themes and characters that exist to drive the songs forward with their thoughts and emotions. This song may not be character driven, but it definitely lets you know that starting off right in the middle of this narrative may not be the best idea, even though it may sound pretty great.



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