Ulver - Nattens Madrigal

Prior to their shift to dabbling in  all things experimental, Ulver crafted The Trilogie, a collection of three masterpieces that have had a definitive stamp on the trajectory of black metal. From Nattens Madrigal‘s visceral BM to Kveldssanger‘s eerie folk to Bergtatt‘s seamless blending on the two, Ulver easily joined the pantehon of Norwegian metal greats.

The band has now announced a massive reissue boxset that compiles the totality of the earliest stage of their career. Along with the three aforementioned albums, the boxset will include Vargnatt (an early demo tape), “Synen” (a rare compilation track) and a four-track rehearsal recording from the Nattens Madrigal era of the band.

Reissue formats will include both CD (5 discs) and vinyl (4 LPs), the former being limited to 3,000 copies and the latter being limited to 2,000 copies. The color breakdown for vinyl includes 1500 on standard black, 400 on silver and 100 on clear, with this final option to include a limited art print for which details will be made known sometime in the near future. Both purchasing options will come with a detailed booklet containing unreleased photos and paraphernalia, a complete collection of the releases’ lyrics in both their original Norwegian text and in an English translation and comments by members of the band as well as other individuals pertinent and in involved with this stage of the band’s career.

Pre-sales for this essential purchase will begin on November 20th, and the location of purchase will be posted as soon as that information is made available.

[via Brave Worlds]


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