partthreeWe wrap up our look at what your Heavy Blog is Heavy staff is (really) listening to after the break.

So far you’ve seen what ten of our Heavy Bloggers are (really) listening to and now here’s the final five participants (including yours truly)

Again, the basic rules:

For people who have, the Scrobbler keeps track of what you’re (really) listening to and this site makes the 3×3’s. For those who don’t, we go on the honor system and you can build the 3×3’s here.  Here are give more examples of what’s spinning at our houses.

Here are our last five entries in What We’re (really) Listening to:

David Aleksov


Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
Bonobo The North Borders
Revocation Deathless
Daniel AveryDrone Logic
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon
Archspire The Lucid Collective
Mick JenkinsThe Water(s)
Swans To Be Kind
Kendrick Lamargood kid, m.A.A.d city

Dan Wieten


CarnageDark Recollections
Devin TownsendInfinity
A Sense of GravityTravail
Black Crown Initiate The Wreckage of Stars
The Devin Townsend Project Z2
Death Spiritual Healing
Mono The Last Dawn
Grind Madness at the BBCThe Earache Peel Sessions

Brian Shields


The ContortionistLanguage
InferiThe Path of Apotheosis
The Wrath of VesuviusRevelation
SammathGodless Arrogance
ArchspireThe Lucid Collective
Inanimate ExistenceA Never-ending Cycle of Atonement
GorgutsColored Sands
Vampire SquidNautilus World

Ahmed Hasan


ArchspireThe Lucid Collective
The Devin Townsend ProjectSky Blue
Spawn of PossessionIncurso
Black Crown InitiateSong of the Crippled Bull
The OceanPelagial
Flying LotusCosmogramma
The Devin Townsend ProjectDark Matters
Beyond Creation The Aura
The Reign of Kindo The Reign of Kindo EP

Aaron Lambert


Job for a CowboyDemonocracy
IntronautHabitual Levitations
Protest the HeroVolition
AbortedThe Necrotic Manifesto
Animals as LeadersWeightless
Between the Buried and Me The Parallax II: Future Sequence
Animals as LeadersThe Joy of Motion
Conquering DystopiaConquering Dystopia
Misery IndexThe Killing Gods

And that wraps up our three part-look at what we’re (really) listening to.  Be sure to post your 3×3’s in comments, on Facebook, or tag #HeavyBlogisHeavy on Instagram


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