This one has been a long time coming. Marmozets have been sweeping stages and ears by storm with assorted singles, captivating live performances and buckets of un-containable energy. Mixing math rock sensibilities most reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan at their most melodic with insanely varied hardcore/pop punk vocals that move between screams and sweet caresses, Marmozets are just fresh. However, performing live and recording singles are one thing and releasing a full release is something else all together. How do the Marmozets stack up in that regard? Our wait for an answer is now over, as their album is streaming in full. Check it out below!

Alternative Press have been pushing Marmozets for a long time now, so it’s only fitting that they have the exclusive stream. To be honest with you, this is nothing like my usual style but I freaking love it. The energy of this is just incredible and it continues to kick and scream even near the end of the album. I will definitely be giving this a good spot on my rotation, which is no small feat during the amazing 2014.


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