Voices From the Fuselage

When Ashe O’Hara joined TesseracT, his other project Voices from the Fuselage was put on hold. They did not disband, stating that he was still the vocalist for the band and that they would still make music. Considering that he parted ways with TesseracT, I’m glad that they decided to stay together. I definitely wanted to hear more of his incredible vocal talent and now we have just that! The band released a demo of a song called ‘A Principle God’, which you can check out after the jump.


This style utilizes Ashe’s voice a lot better than TesseracT’s did, in my opinion. The post rock style, reverbed out guitars just fit his clear, high-pitched delivery. Also, when the guitar parts soar, so does he. He effortlessly matches the song at every step. The sound quality of the demo is a bit rough at times, but that’s to be expected from a demo and the quality of the music shines through that. I’m just glad to have Ashe’s angelic voice back in my ears.


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