You know, I don’t necessarily have it out for gimmicks everywhere and anywhere. Sure, I tend to rant every so often over this particular ether wave about the stagnation sometimes found in metal bands and their images, but when executed with style and grace, gimmicks can led a much needed conceptual spine to a band’s music. Amon Amarth have always been a good example for me. Sure, the viking thing has been done to death and, as a student of history, really has very little merit to it. But their album arts are always in good taste, even if repetitive, and somehow their image, battle clad and mead-drenched, has always been less abrasive to me. You also have to hand it to them, these guys have stamina! They’ve stuck to the same schtick for a long time now. Their new video is no different, as you can see for yourself after the jump.


So, yeah. Ships! Sea-froth! Swords! And so on. The music is obviously great, because Amon Amarth are one of the most consistent death metal bands out there, but other than that it’s more of what we’re used to. Apparently, frontman Johan Hegg has a small part in this upcoming movie, Northman: A Viking Sage? From the looks of it, this will be a great movie for me to throw stuff at the screen to, screaming at the top of my music about historical inaccuracies. Maybe I’ll upload the rant to our YouTube channel, we’ll see. Until then, play this loud and pass the mead!



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