Maynard. James. Keenan. That name is a household brand, a staple in modern music. Whether you hate his despicable stage antics, mad at the constant Tool delays and teases, worship the very ground he walks upon or just really, really dig his music, Keenan has released some of the best modern music in the past decade under his various project names. In my eyes, Puscifer still remains one of his best ensembles and Conditions Of My Parole never stays long from my rotation. A few days ago, the band released a video for on of the more disturbing tracks from the album, ‘Toma’. Check it out in full below!


If you’re unfamiliar with lucha libre, this clip might not make sense to you. Then again,  even if you are this clip might not make sense to you. To be honest, I expected no less for such an off-kilter track, one of the strangest on a strange, sad album. It’s always refreshing to be reminded that Keenan still exists and makes content, regardless of his prolonged silences. To be frank, I think we’re long, long overdue another Puscifer album and, unlike the Tool one, there’s a chance we might get one as well.



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