flubHave you ever heard a Flub? Well you will be able to after the jump.

Emerging from California’s Capital, Flub is a self-described melodic/experimental death metal band that has just released the song Unrequited in advance of the October 1 release of the EP Advent.

Unrequited was a song I wrote almost a year ago,” lead guitarist Eloy Montes tells me. “Originally the song was much longer, but we ended up trimming it down quite a bit. Initially I thought of the title “unrequited” while wondering if there is a higher power, This power isn’t sentient, or if it is it doesn’t at all care about what it might create; In essence making the adoration that a higher power might receive from religion a sort of Unrequited love. The lyrical concept in the end had nothing to do with this, however.”

With a mindfuck like that, I’m almost afraid to ask about the songwriting process.

“It differs. Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a song almost completely done in my head, other times I write a riff and keep adding to it and structuring until I have a complete song. If I get stumped I’ll go out and do something unrelated to music and come back to it when I’m inspired again. Most of my writing is done at night. Then I’ll send it to the other members to get their thoughts on it to see if they want to add, rearrange or take away from the song.”

Along with Eloy, Flub is vocalist Michael Alvarez, guitarist Viktor Hansen, “King” Charles on bass, and drummer Jared Klein. It’s been a busy summer for the Flubbers with a West Coast tour with the Bay Area’s Cyborg Octopus and now the advent of Advent.

I can’t resist asking, the music is cool but what the fuck is a Flub?

“Initially we didn’t put too much thought into the name, we just thought it sounded cool and reflected this self-deprecating attitude Michael and I both felt. As time went by we realized that the name was suitable because it didn’t sound like a metal name, and we’re not particularly super metal people. I mean, our first promos were in clown wigs and bow-ties for fuck’s sake. You don’t have to fit an image to play metal or write awesome music and I think the name really represents that.”

Even in clown wigs and bow-ties, Eloy has big ambitions for Flub.

“My personal goals would be to amass a really cool and classic discography. It would also be really cool for Flub to be self-sustaining and it would probably be great to tour the world. The band as a whole wants to take it as far as we possibly can. We really put our all into Flub.”

You can hear that all here on Unrequited and on October 1st with Advent on Bandcamp and Big Cartel.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t04sALNIBQY&w=560&h=315]


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