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Revocation are getting ready to release their upcoming full length Deathless via Metal Blade Records, their first release with their new label. We’ve already heard one single from the band, and now they’ve gone ahead and given us another one. ‘Madness Opus’, described by Dave Davidson when we interviewed him as “one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written”, is streaming now over at Noisey. Check it!

Via Noisey:

“You know what’s not boring? Bands that take their technical skills and use them to push into new realms. Death did that shit. Sun Ra did that shit. And Revocation does that shit.

Revocation know that brutal death metal doesn’t necessarily mean super-technical and annoying, it can mean just a simple goddamn breakdown every once in a while. Like the aptly named “Madness Opus,” the fucking insane new single from their upcoming LP Deathless. Order yours and look for the LP on October 14 because they rip.”

I’ve heard the entire record and I can tell you that this is their best record yet. It’s incredibly how every now and then we get bands that are so talented that they consistently put out great music while retaining a core sound. Pick up Deathless when it drops on Metal Blade!


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