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Intronaut are one my my favorite bands, and many of us on the blog consider their last two album as cornerstones in prog metal. I’ve seen them three times in the last year, at venues large and small, and they were spectacular and flawless every single time. They are also incredibly nice guys, as evident from when I interviewed Dave and Sacha back in 2013.

The band have been taking some time off to gear up for their 10th anniversary tour, where they’ll be performing songs from every album as well as reissuing some of them, including a special vinyl release. With all this going on, the band have also started to write their 5th studio album, as the band posted on Facebook yesterday.

The question is: will it be more along the lines of their latest effort, or will it possibly go back to the Prehistoricisms / Valley Of Smoke days where they had a wide variety of heavy songs as well as more calm pieces? Only time will tell, and you can bet we’ll keep you updated.




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