Underoath disbanded after a fantastic last show in their hometown (which I was fortunate enough to go and see). However, since the project ended, everyone’s been doing their own thing, namely lead singer Spencer Chamberlain. Shortly after the band ended, he announced a new project, entitled Sleepwave, comprised of him and Stephen Bowman. It’s definitely a departure from Underoath, being a lot more “radio friendly” and featuring clean vocals throughout. It’s really quite good.

The debut single ‘Through The Looking Glass’ has a super awesome chorus that’s extremely catchy, and while it is different from Underoath, it’s still got his special touch on it. It has some fun keyboard parts towards the end, and you can definitely tell it’s Spencer on vocals. The band’s new album, Broken Compass, is now out everywhere, and you can get it here. Meantime, check the band’s first single below.




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