Stolas Hiraeth

In the latter half of last month, Stolas announced their new album Allomaternal and dropped a new track for our eager ears. We are now given another chance to see what this new album is about, and this time the main focus is not crazy guitar riffs or piercing screams, but the excellent cleans. I mean, I’m not complaining! Prepare to be serenaded after the jump.


When the band announced that they were super proud of the work that they had done and wouldn’t be having guest vocalists on the new album, I was intrigued as to why they decided to go that route. Now, I understand exactly why they did it. They didn’t want to undermine all of the hard work they had put into these songs. They wanted everyone in the band to shine because they had all pushed themselves incredibly hard to improve something that was already great. The vocals on this song are wonderful and the instrumentation behind them just pushes everything home. Once again, I’m left wanting more and wishing that this record would come out tomorrow.



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