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Full of Hell are known for incorporating elements of noise into their brand of powerviolence, so the announcement that they would be releasing a collaborative album with acclaimed Japanese noise artist Merzbow provided no surprise (but plenty of anticipation). The album (creatively titled Full of Hell & Merzbow) is planned for release on November 25th on 2xCD through Profound Lore, with the second disk (entitled Sister Fawn) showing a heightened focus on Merzbow‘s contribution. In the meantime, the band has debuted a new track, ‘Gordian Knot,’ via Noisey, along with an interview with vocalist Dylan Walker discussing the band’s history, their signing with Profound Lore and working with Merzbow.

The track is a fifty-six second aural assault akin to using a morning star as a q-tip. Yet, there is really no indication that Merzbow contributed to the track at all; it just sounds like a straight-up Full of Hell track. This may be due to its brevity, and perhaps other tracks on the album will provide a clearer sense of collaboration between the two bands. Or maybe Merzbow‘s noise segments are primarily meant for Sister Fawn and will only provide minor accents to the main project.

Regardless, the track is solid, and an official pre-order information will be shared when Profound Lore posts it in early October.

– SM

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